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Copy of Gov-Cup-Eventwear-2012   Click left for the order form, save it to your desktop, fill it in and copy it and fax it to 021 786 3925 or email it to [email protected], or call Roz on 084 963 2571

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Ocean Cloud


“Ocean Cloud” is an Endurance 37’, a classic cruiser designed in the 70’s by Peter Ibold. Not known for her speed but rather her elegant lines and relevant roominess for a small cruiser. She likes a bit of wind which is what we’ll be hoping for to stand any chance of being competitive in [...]

Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud is a 47’ Vagabond Ketch designed by Garner and built in Taiwan. She was launched in 1976 and comes from Texas. She is an old lady but very seaworthy and still show proudly the original teak work. The previous owner, Don Barnes sailed her to Thailand via Hawaii. He spends 9 years [...]

Voyage of Bryana

Our dream has taken us many years, as Luke, Monica, Todd and Amy embark on our adventure of a lifetime. Luke started the whole dream – wanting to build a boat and go sailing. So in October 2003, Luke and Monica went to get plans from Dudley Dix, a boat designer in Hout Bay, [...]

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