GC2012 Entries


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 Kuheli is an old Hallberg-Rassy Rasmus 35, built in Sweden 1976. The boat has lived most of it´s life in the US were it was exported new. The hardtop and the frame in the back are added on afterwards like lots of other small details. The hardtop is a very welcome feature since it gives a good protection against the weather, and is a perfect platform for solarpanels. Kuheli weights about 7,5 tons with all her cruising equipment on and has a long but shallow keel. This makes her neither fast or good upwind, but a steady downwind cruising boat. So we’re simply hoping for some medium strong winds on the stern! With a boat like Kuheli we don´t have any expectations of standing on the podium, but we will definitely give all we have to try and beat Maggie, if we can!  
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 Indaba is a standard Stadt 34 masthead sloop, launched in 1989. She participated in the 1996 and 2003 Cape to Rio Races and following the 2003 race sailed back to Cape Town via the Azores, Mediterranean and East Coast of Africa. She has also sailed extensively around the South African coast.

We are competing with a crew of four, with Indaba skippered by her owner John Levin (71). John has sailed all his life and has participated in most events along the South African coast. He has participated in six Cape to Rio Races, the first in 1971 and the last in 2003, two Mauritius races and in the 1990 Bartholomew Diaz race to Lisbon.

On board will be:

Noel Mallinson (70) who started sailing in 1969 when the first Rio race was announced. Since then he has participated in seven Rio Races and once sailed the boat back to Cape Town. Noel too has participated in all the main ocean races along the South African coast. Noel still regularly sails his Laser on Zeekoeivlei where he lives. He and John have sailed together regularly on Indaba and have done so for more than 20 years. They sailed together on three Rio Races and after the 2003 Rio Race spent the year sailing back to Cape Town via the Med as described above.

  • Ken Bosenberg (55) who started sailing as a child at the Worcester Yacht Club on Mirrors and Lasers. He has participated in three Rio Races, one race to Punto del Esta and one to Salvador. In three of the Rio Races he and John sailed together. Ken has also participated in two Mauritius races and in 2002 he participated in the Governor’s Cup.
  • John MacKay (66) who started sailing as a youngster at the Flamingo Yacht Club in Welkom. In 1964 he was national champion in the Graduate Class and in 1976 national champion in the Sprog Class. In 1976, after having built his own Aquacrete 39 footer, he sailed in the Rio Race and then went on with his family to cruise the boat up to the Mediterranean and then back to Cape Town in 1977. He too has done all the major ocean races along the South African coast.

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‘ti Duik

Here is a pic of Roger Mc Cormick on his tiny single-handed entry, ‘ti Duik. For the 2010 race, she had a Chinese Junk rig, which has now been replaced with a gaff rig, pic to follow soon.