The Awards For The Governor’s Cup 2012

Photographs courtesy of James Stewart, official event journalist (pics of crews) and Billy Leisegang ( pics of yachts)

The trophy winners were:

The Governor’s Cup – 1st Place, Racing Fleet: Reaction, Thinus Groenewald and crew








Sarah Taylor Cup – 2nd Place, Racing Fleet: Indaba, John Levin and crew








Governor’s Cup Rally Fleet Trophy – 1st Place, Rally Fleet: JML Rotary Scout, Peter Bosch/Stephen Jennings and crew

and Waterman Trophy (1st FBYC yacht on handicap): JML Rotary Scout, Peter Bosch/Stephen Jennings and crew









Lucy Taylor Cup – 2nd Place, Rally Fleet: Kuheli, Ivan Flodgren and crew (Norway)









Patrick Taylor Cup – 1st Place, Multi-Hull Fleet: Compromise, Rob Newman and crew








Bellows Line Honours Plate: Banjo, Kevin Webb and crew








Ambrose Family Trophy: Bryana, Luke Fisher and family








Miura Class Trophy: Patches, ‘Hedge’ Shuter and crew (St Helena)







Update from St Helena Island

Hi All,
I managed to catch a quick lunch with Governor Mark Capes, who arrived back this morning and is extremely pleased with the way the event is going.
Kuheli finished at 12:01:13, I believe giving JML Rotary Scout the Mono-hull Rally honours. Kuheli ripped their main sail badly and sailed lots of the race with three reefs.
So it looks like the leader board is complete with:
  • Line Honours: Banjo
  • Mono-Hull Racing Handicap: Reaction
  • Mono-Hull Rally Handicap: JML Rotary Scout
  • Multi-Hull Rally Handicap: Compromise
It is going to be a long couple of days ahead, with anticipated arrival times of:
  • Ielool: 6th Jan @ 3am
  • Maggie: 6th Jan @ 2pm
  • Patches: 6th Jan @ 6pm
  • TicoTico: 6th Jan @ 7pm
  • Black Cat: 7th Jan @ early hours
  • Silver Cloud: 7th Jan morning
  • Ocean Cloud: 7th Jan evening
This will have the fleet home in time for the Governor’s Reception on Tuesday evening and the prize giving on Wednesday evening.
Spook was on the RMS St Helena supervising the cradle erection and dealing with yachties who arrived in flip flops to assemble huge chunks of steel. They could not understand why they were not allowed on the working deck and were sent home to put on proper shoes. What is the scouts’ motto? – ‘Be prepared’!!!

- Billy

Reaction wins Governor’s Cup

Royal Cape One-Design beats Stadt 34 on corrected time

Friday January 4, 2013 – Thinus Groenewald’s Royal Cape One-Design – Reaction – has won the 2012 Governor’s Cup – the 1,750-mile bi-annual race from Simon’s Town, South Africa, to the Atlantic island of St Helena, which started on 22 December.

Thinus Groenewald and team aboard Reaction, celebrate their overall win of the 2012 Governor’s Cup - Photo SHBC

Groenewald, together with his three-strong crew, Corne and Ruan Groenewald, and Nicolaas Basson, all from Royal Cape Yacht Club, completed the race in just under 12 days (11d, 23h, 43m, 53s) which was just enough to beat Indaba – John Levin’s Stadt 34 – on corrected time.

Although the race for the Governor’s Cup was close right from the start within the Racing Monohull fleet, the battle for overall honours between these two intensified dramatically over the final few days. For Team Reaction it was all about unfinished business from the previous Governor’s Cup Race.

Thinus Groenewald commenting on his win said: ‘It certainly was all about unfinished business because last time when we were flying towards St Helena our rudder failed and we had to pull into Saldanha Bay to fit a new one. We then rejoined the fleet, found a new weather system and blasted our way all the way to St Helena. We were convinced we could have won that one had we not had gear failure. Therefore we are absolutely delighted with this result and really feel as though we have now achieved our goal. We had a great race, albeit a little light at the start, but once we found the breeze we enjoyed a fabulous sail all the way to the island.”

Elsewhere in the fleet excitement builds to establish an overall winner in the Rally monohull fleet where Ivan Flodgren and the Swedish team aboard their Hallberg Rassey Rasmus 35 – Kuheli – are desperately trying to beat Peter Bosch and Stephen Jennings’ Tosca 39 JML Rotary Scout. Although JML Rotary Scout, crewed by a group of Scouts from Cape Town and St Helena aged between 16-18 years old, finished the race last night, the Swedes are still in with a chance of taking the overall win if they cross the finish line by 11:22:50 on Saturday 5 January.

Compromise – the overall winner of the Rally Multihull fleet. - Photo - SHBC

The overall winner of the Rally Multihull fleet is Robert Newman’s Du Toit catamaran – Compromise – from False Bay Yacht Club. Although Kevin Webb and Sarel van der Merwe’s super-fast Farrier F9AX trimaran, Banjo, beat them on the water Team Compromise sailed consistently throughout their 12-day voyage and were able to maintain their favourable time on handicap to secure the overall win. In third place overall is Sandpiper 2 – Abri Erasmus/Paul Tanner’s Simonis Voogd 42ft catamaran, which completed the race in just over 11 days.

Billy Leisegang – Principal Race Officer commenting on the 2012 Governor’s Cup, said: “It has been a huge success all round, thanks particularly to the wonderful group of organisers both in South Africa and on St Helena who devoted their time through Christmas and New Year to make it happen. As for the actual racing, generally any yacht leaving Cape Town leaves in a screaming south-easter, so coping with the initial strong winds is often a problem. This time round however, it was unusually light. Although it probably did cause a bit of frustration among the competitors early on, they all managed to keep their spirits high throughout, and going by their reaction at the finish, all seem to have had the most fabulous sail, which is what it is all about.”



Notes to editors

The Governor’s Cup Race is a downwind 1,700 nautical mile ocean yacht race organised by False Bay Yacht Club,, and is now claimed to be an entry on many sailor’s ‘bucket list’. First held in 1996, the Governor’s Cup Race is a bi-annual event starting from False Bay Yacht Club in the quaint naval town of Simon’s Town, South Africa finishing in Jamestown, St Helena. For further details on the race including race documents, visit


This year the race is being supported for the first time by Enterprise St Helena, which promotes the growth of economy of St Helena through the development of existing businesses and the promotion of the island to new investors and developers. With the opening of the island’s airport due by late 2015, it is anticipated that tourism, and marine tourism in particular, will be a key economic driver for the island and its community. For further details visit


For further details on St Helena Island, visit


The Governor’s Cup race is proud to be supported by Andrew Weir Shipping SA (Pty) Ltd – and RMS St Helena –


For further media information please contact Sue Pelling: [email protected].

Racing Monohull-Position Update

As PERI African Renaissance finished at 23:54:36 on the 3 Jan the Racing Monohull Positions are now as follows:

Racing Monohull

Governor's Cup

Boat Skipper Finish Time Elapsed Handicap Corrected Finishing Place Comments
Reaction Tinus Groenewald 3 Jan – 09:43:53 11 – 23:43:53 0.925 11 – 02:09:06 1
Indaba John Levin 3 Jan – 11:45:47 12 – 01:45:47 0.965 11 – 15:37:17 2
PERI African Renaissance Wayne Badenhorst 3 Jan – 23:54:36 12 – 13:54:36 1.135 14 – 06:40:04 3
Patches Chris Shuter 0.910 3 until 7 Jan – 02:33:29
Seaboard Jan Delport 0.980 3 until 5 Jan – 23:39:40
Balck Cat Dave Immelman 1.105 3 until 4 Jan – 08:06:24
Ray of Light Micheal Kavanagh 1.175 DNF-Did Not Finish

Positions as at 0900 – 04 January 2013

Hi All – Attached please find results for 4th January 2013

8 yachts have now finished leaving 9 yachts closing in on the finish line at St. Helena Island
In the Racing Monohull: Seaboard had only 31nm to the finish line at 0700UTC so it t looks like the current 3rd placed finisher Peri African Renaissance will be knocked down to 4th place, with the top three being the Governor’s Cup winner ‘Reaction’ followed by Indaba and Seaboard.
The Rally Monohull is not so clear cut though ? The Scout crew on JML Rotary Scout will be scanning the horizon for Kuheli who can still win the Rally Division if they cross the finish line by 11:22:50 tomorrow morning. With only 151nm to go at 0700 this morning, the Swedish crew on Kuheli who have been averaging 136nm per day for the last 6 days are in with a shot of spoiling the party for the Scouts.
Weather Report:  Winds ESE – SE 7 -15knts (just in case the Scouts are interested Kuheli reported 14knts SE) Cloud cover 8/8 and wave heights of 1 – 2M
- John Leslie

Yacht Make Skipper/s Yacht Club POSITION TO DATE
Racing Monohull
Reaction RCOD Tinus Groenewald RCYC 1
Indaba Stadt 34 John Levin RCYC 2
PERI African Renaissance Farr 40 Wayne Badenhorst RCYC 3
Seaboard Stadt 34 Jan Delport GBYC 4
Patches Miura Chris Shuter SHYC 5
Black Cat Didi 38 Dave Immelman RCYC 6
Ray of Light First 44.7 Micheal Kavanagh RCYC RTD
Rally Monohull
JML Rotary Scout Tosca 39 Peter Bosch / Stephen Jennings FBYC 1
Canace Elan Impression 434 Kevin Ward FBYC 2
Kuheli Hallberg Rassy Ivan Flodgren Holo YC 3
Bryana 38 Dudley Dix Pilot Luke Fisher FBYC 4
Maggie Bostrom Espen Krag Norway 5
Ocean Cloud Endurance 37 Micah Burger FBYC 6
Ielool Vickers 41 John Sheen RCYC 7
Silver Cloud Vagabond Connie Muller KYC 8
Unwind Simonis Voogd 501 Niels Hendriks WSV Barendrecht RTD
Rally Multihull
Compromise Du Toit Cat Robert Newman FBYC 1
Banjo Farrier F9AX Kevin Webb VYC / POYC 2
Sandpiper 2 Simonis Voogd Cat Paul Tanner GBYC 3
Tico-Tico Maxim 38 Steve Burnell KYC 4

Download a full detailed report here.